the (basically) final octy board

final_octy_blogthis piece will be at the Ltd Art Gallery show entitled, “tentacles” from may 4th – june 1st in seatlle wa!!


~ by candice on April 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “the (basically) final octy board”

  1. Hi Candice! I am the new proud owner of your board! 🙂 I live right upstairs from the art gallery and I just couldn’t say no to it! It’s beautiful! Great work! Now I just have to wait for a month to bring it home…good thing I can visit it whenever I want.

    • Allison!! Amazing! I’m so happy you like it and so glad to hear it got a good home! I might be up in Seattle visiting the gallery for the next show, the Coen brothers show, and will be submitting another skateboard deck. Hopefully see you there!
      All the best,

      • Oh really!? I can’t wait!! I’d love to meet you and see the new board. I’m having a few others made right now with monster/nautical themes. Its going to live with those guys as a set. Maybe they will be done and hung so you can check it out. You defiantly have a new fan with me. Hope to see you there! Keep up the awesome work. Cheers!!

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