manny the van deserves a tribute

manny_1aday_blogfor our 5 year anniversary we drove up north to the waitomo caves area to go on a 330ft abseil into a glow worm cave–it was soo so much fun and full of insane heights. we decided to camp in manny in a picnic outlet near raglan that night. everything went smoothly until the next morning as we were about to leave. i asked jordan to reverse before we left so we could get a good picture of our camping spot. as soon as he put it in reverse and park, manny started bleeding transmission fluid everywhere! it literally looked like blood, ha. we had to call AA and get him towed into town where the mechanics weren’t able to look at him until the following day. as we sat outside in the cold waiting to hear manny’s diagnoses we assumed the worst and purchased airline tickets from hamilton to wellington as a back-up plan, (fully refundable!). we soon found out that manny’s tranmission fluid tube was the problem (THANK JEEBUS), and with a quick flare of the metal and keeping the tube in place with a clip we were good to go!! so this post is a tribute to manny, the manmoth, maniand, mannerton, manman the van, for not being completely totaled and driving us back to wellington with no problems!


~ by candice on August 27, 2014.

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